CDH activities for farmers

Since its creation CDH care about farmers development since they are involving in our activities. However in the field of work of environmental education CDH through its active members or volunteering program organise activities of raising awareness of the farmers not to use chemical pesticides because-the cost is expensive, they will harvest chemical food bad for the health, of the danger it causes for the soils or of the environment, even themselves and advise them to use rationally fertilisers and training them how to make their own compost, a good solution that increase productivity, 100% to harvest organic food, no danger for the soil or environment and possibility of diversify agriculture. 

The following images illustrate these moments of social action of CDH environmental education activities of farmers awareness over the danger on the use of chemical pesticides. 

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CDH activity
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The images show the social activities to raise awareness of farmers on the dangers of using chemical pesticides and counselling them for making their own compost.

  • Farmers, vulnerable householders in different locality have received awareness on chemical pesticides using and training on compost making

  • CDH active members

  • Village leader, the village community for development and the stackholder

Centre Des Hommes and Farmers: Agriculturals products, Foods production etc.

CDH throughout its ECDH project (Current projects) intends to do the delivery of inputs, of seedlings, seeds for farmers to grow plants, grass and foodstuffs that can be harvest after just one year. The idea is to do diversify agriculture and to facilitate the solution to transform agricultural products in order to reduce poverty, to facilitate the growth of the local economy, to help farmers make resilience against poverty, hunger, malnutrition and maintain food sovereignty. Some plants, trees, foods, grass that CDH is growing through its project ECDH land and with farmers corporation are: Moringa plant, cashew plant, cinnamon plant, noni plant, artemisia plant, banana tree, plantain tree, Eucalyptus tree, acacia tree, lemon grass, citronella grass, turmeric, yams, cassava etc. With the Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes (ECDH) we will more transform agricultural crops, plants of high nutritional value, the grass into food supplements, consumption oils, essential oils etc. And CDH will do market linkages around the world to ensure the development of the local economy. Take a look on Shop to see some of our products.

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The images show project ECDH land where is growing food, plants, trees and some agriculturals products, products artisanally tranformed, food etc. Realised by CDH throughout its project ECDH.

  • CDH throughout its project ECDH grow vegetables, foods, plants, trees with the intention of their transformation for facilitate foods security and promote the growth of local economy.

  • ECDH project land where is growing foods, plants, trees etc.

  • CDH promote plants as Arthemisia, Cinnamon, Moringa, Noni, cashew etc.

  • CDH promote foodstuff as vegetables Tomato, Okro, Ginger, Tumeric etc. Also foods as tubers casava, yam etc. Also fruits as pineapple, banane and plantain, cashew fruit, groundnut...Also grass as several variety of lemon grass...