Centre Des Hommes Story


CDH story: Togo classified as one of the poor countries in Africa where life is peaceful but with a lot of suffering from the population, where the population is young with many who are unemployed, where education is not affordable for everyone, where the protection of the environment is poorly understood and badly managed with the pollution of plastic waste, where hunger is seen in thousands of vulnerable households, where production remains precarious and artisanal in many businesses etc. 

CDH Story: One of CDH members meeting story

It then needs change and alternatives to meet the challenges, issues and problems listed above. It is in this spirit of finding other alternatives to honour the country that Centre Des Hommes is creating to contribute to the development of the population. It is thus, already in 2007 it created a general assembly for the creation of an association of law 1901 relating to the creation of non-profit association with the name of Centre Des Hommes by these first members in Togo. After several activities posed for the benefit of the populations in various villages and communities of Togo Centre Des Hommes in 2011 is registered and is officially recognised under the ministry delegated to the reception of the candidatures of creations of association which is the ministry of the interior, administration and local collectivity in Togo. Two years later, Centre Des Hommes was qualified as a Non Governmental Organisation with the Ministry for Planning, Development and Area Equipment by the Presidency of Republic.

                                                                                                                Republic of Togo