Current project: Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes (ECDH)

ECDH Logo view

CDH with its ECDH brands: Logo that is showing on ECDH events, products, services etc.

CDH Current project:

ECOVILLAGE CENTRE DES HOMMES-ECDH is about the building of a training and demonstration centre for human development. 

The project’s aim is to create a learning and living centre for the local community and  volunteers to improve the development of the population by learning and doing to  achieve the sustainable development goals.

The project's General Objective: Creating a learning and living centre to improve development of the local population  through education.

Specific Objectives:  Produce agricultural and handmade visual arts products, make transformation of agricultural products, promote social entrepreneurship, promote volunteering and promote sustainable development goals education by offering training, giving sensitisation etc. 

The means of realisation the specific objective of the ECDH project:

Promoting sustainable living throughout education, sensitisation, training, conference etc.

∗ Creating wealth to fight against poverty, migration, hunger and unemployment by offering opportunities in social entrepreneurship and promoting village industry.

Making known the ECDH center to the public in the four corners of the world by promoting volunteering and welcoming volunteers on spot to stay, to live, to learn and after to share the knowledge in their respective community.


ECDH vision

ECDH panel info

ECDH panel information and projecting the arrow to the land of the project building: French version

The perspective actions to do for facilitating the ECDH project realisation are: After the water management then will follow the building of residences, ecolodge (up-cycle and green building) study hall or room etc.   

Then after the steps to do to make the project ECDH viable then different human activities of which the most important is training on the ECDH ground moment.

Then the place is used as a demonstration center that we can put up some structure there-conference hall, classrooms, accommodation facilitation, kitchen, dining hall, factory hall and also a demonstration site (outdoor demonstrations places for different activities). Then people can learn and stay there. We are planning to start hosting and accommodate 10 students for a month, they would be in batches and after that they will receive a training in permaculture how to grow food without chemical fertilisers etc.; how to create and do business to generate income themselves by receiving skills in agricultural, food product transformation, natural cosmetic fabrication, visual arts produced in cultural field etc. The idea is the students should transfer their skills into their communities. Our experience trainers who are involved in our program are ready to share their knowledge and lead the field activities.

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What is Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes Project and why?

ECDH is the building of a learning and living centre  called Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes (ECDH) to offer learning possibilities, to  decrease poverty in rural areas and increasing sustainability in  education.

ECDH project

ECDH Project shared with the whole stakeholder, neighbours and traditional chieftaincy of where the project take place.

The main reason to create the ECDH is to help the most vulnerable population in  villages in Togo – reducing poverty by increasing the knowledge of sustainable  development by teaching local people and schoolchildren the principles and  possibilities how to be self employed, how to protect environment, how to make  compost, how to up-cycle plastic, waste management, getting the benefits out  from medicinal plants , to grow them and transforming them into oil and powder  etc because during the time we have consistently noticed and observed that  more and more such problems like lack of knowledge, lack of awareness of  sustainable development goals continue to increase among people specially in  villages and rural areas in Togo. Taking this into account the NGO Centre Des  Hommes decided to create an educational centre where to demonstrate and  teach the objectives and achievement of sustainable development to provide  solution to the problems described above. Being an NGO that aims to work for  the development of the population, also taking into account that the NGO CDH  team members have received several special trainings and participated in  several relevant courses like EDE – Ecovillage Design Education, community  transformation training and others and NGO members have knowledge of  sustainable development goals, NGO CDH is entitled to proceed to create this learning and living centre.


What are the steps to take to achieve ECDH?

Considering that ECDH is a project, certain steps are necessary to follow for the definitive and effective realisation of the ECDH as a training centre.

Project ECDH land

ECDH project land view, showing the slops in the places.

The first step of the project was project idea and design. Next step was buying the  land where to carry out the project. These phases of the project have been  completed, land design ongoing. Also the land has been cultivated and will be more  and more in the future to grow different agricultural products (banana trees, plantain  trees, turmeric, cassava, pineapples etc) and medicinal plants (noni, moringa,  cinnamon etc) to be used for selling, transforming into food supplement etc. The  cultivation of the land and organic garden is one part of the learning center’s activity.  Good irrigation system in place is needed for successful land cultivation and  agriculture. The water management is also essential to prevent any damages to the  constructions, the plantation, crop caused by heavy rains; accidents caused for  example by falling stones due to the floods etc.  

The next/current step (project) of the project is water management to facilitate the  project’s implementation:  

  1. 1. Rainwater management 

1.1. Construction of swales 

1.2. Construction of the ponds 

Controlling and managing the rainwater falls by constructing the swales to direct the  rainwater to the ponds taking into account that the land is located on the slope of a  mountain. This is relevant during rainy season. 

  1. 2. River water management  

2.1. cleaning the river sides and implement the canopy bridge 

2.2. Purchasing and installation the water pumping system and plumbing equipment 2.3. Construction of the water towers 

2.4. Purchasing and installation of water tanks 

Collecting/pumping the water from the river to the tanks supported by the water  towers located in the land area. This is relevant during dry season. The future perspective projects to do for facilitating the ECDH project establishment are: After the water management then will follow the building of residences, ecolodge  (up cycle and green building) study hall or room etc.. Then training on the ECDH  ground moment.

We invite you to encourage the project ECDH to Donate a few small coins per week or even monthly to make the project ECDH water management steps and others steps happen because of you. Indeed the project will be completely realised in the future days that are coming. Thanks for you in advance with a huge gratitude for your support of the realisation of the ECDH project. Our reward  is that you are welcome with us free of charge for your stay in Togo.


What are Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes principles

The fundamental principles on which Centre Des Hommes is based for the construction and activities of Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes are the principles of permaculture, regenerative and organic agriculture, local economy, village industry, sustainable education, social entrepreneurship, community transformation, the principle of Ecovillage and the objectives of sustainable development.


What are the needs for the Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes

The needs are: Financial support, Technical support, Volunteers who can bring their competencies, tools, materials, the reading and listening to our sorrows, pain or complaint etc.


ECDH Project sorrows and pains: Pleadings for its supporters and friends

The construction of a project without having good equipment, tools and materials for the construction of ecolodge, for the teacher, for the training (in agriculture, in the craft, in agricultural product transformation in village industry) etc is really what the ECDH project suffers for. 

CDH product

ECDH land design by planting trees and several plants by force of hand with machete, hoe.


We call you to send us the tools, equipment and materials even from second hand that you no longer need and can be used to add value to production (machines and others), also to help the poor women farmers, local vulnerable households, farmers, local school children etc.
See the list of tools, materials and equipment that you can send (Contact) to the Centre Des Hommes address (Contacts) by clicking on the document below. please to (Contact) us for any information regarding tools, materials and equipment put as objet in contact form.


ECDH Project: Call for actions

We invite you to take positive action towards this good cause for the goodness of the local vulnerable households, the suffering and poor populations.

It is a necessity for CDH to invite you to join its projects, mainly ECDH project to provide financial support, technical support, your skills,  your competency, your expertise, the transfer of knowledge against the issues  that the world are  facing (namely the poverty, migration, climate change, hunger and the suffering of the peoples of the south etc.) by being either  in Volunteering to be voluntary for the project or by making donation (Contact) to help vulnerable local households, peasants, the poor women farmers, hungry school children.


ECDH Location.

ECDH Location

ECDH location place illustration, drawing map.

Location: Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes (ECDH) project Land of two hectares is located in  the neighbourhood called ''sipi'' at Kpimé-Séva over the Road Kpalimé-Atakpamé  National N°.5 in the Prefecture of Kloto, Kpalimé, Togo. ECDH is located in the  wilderness on the slope of a mountain 2.5 km away from the closest village Kpimé-séva.

The place has panoramic views surrounded with green nature all year around  and is easily accessible. The land borders with the river which forms a part of the  project land. A beautiful waterfall is located 200 meters away. Hiking trails are nearby  as well.


Food forest zone

Information about the project land design through permaculture principle into different zones.

The is design into different zone and still the design is ongoing where we have a zone of Ecolodge (Green and up-cycling) Educational space zone (training , conference wall, workshop space and wall etc.), residency space zone (accommodation facilitation, Kitchen, dormitory, bathrooms etc), Welcoming, store and road access space zone, yoga space zone, adventure place space zone, waterfall creation space and setting space zone, food forest zone, intensive ally crops and livestock space zone, demonstration zone (honey, mushroom, fish production), village industry zone (product manufacturing or product transformation zone). All these zones are alternate by pathways, public space, resident's space, guest space, food production space, food process space, handmade visual arts space, demonstration space, camping space and smoking space.

The real activities that will be carried out on site Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes.

The real activities that will take place in the Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes training Center  are in the fields of Education, Ecology, Culture that are supported by social entrepreneurship, volunteering, trainers and those who will receive the training.

The Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes expectation is to host and hold training through education, to do conference, to grow agricultural (Food, plants, trees) product and to transform them on spot (transformation of agricultural products), to do or create handmade (Visual arts) production, to implement demonstration place (about how to grow organic food, how to produce honey, how to produce fish, how to produce mushroom), to use renewable energy for heating and for electricity power, to implement adventure place etc.

Details concrete about ECDH activities


Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes training possibility

From the moment the vision of the realisation of the steps namely, the water management over the land then the construction of the eco-housing are finished the Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes is entitled to proceed the following training to the population interested to learn new way of resilience, new way to be self autonomous, new way to generate his own income and to improve the care of the earth.


Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes

ECDH Practice in demonstration, transformation, creation, employment and village industry for production of its products.

ECDH plant: Artemisia
CDH product
ECDH plant: Cashew tree
CDH product
ECDH grow of banana tree: palntain and banana
ECDH grow of avocado tree: avocado harvest
CDH product
ECDH grow of pineapple plant: pineapples harvest
CDH product
ECDH grow of vegetable: Tomato harvest
ECDH grow of cinnamon plant: Cinnamon
CDH product
ECDH grow of Jack fruit tree
CDH product
ECDH grow of peppermint plant
CDH product
ECDH grow of cacao tree
CDH Activity
ECDH grow of citronnella varieties
CDH product
ECDH grow of food stuff: Okro harvest
CDH product
ECDH moringa harvest on transformation process into cosmetic