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Our shop offers you a wide range of products. These are selected and exotic products to serve the audience locally, regionally and globally.

Cinnamon tree

Our products are selected food, natural cosmetic and exotic handcraft products

The selected food products are made out from plants that contain high nutritional value.

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The product are all handmade!                                                 

Get in touch with of the list of our selected food products below:

1- Clean powder out from from plant products:

2- Snack food products:

3- Dried leave tea products

4- Tea bags products:

5- Oil for consuming products

6- Essential oil products

Get in touch with of the list of our natural cosmetic products below:

1- Natural Hydrate Ecomoringa cream

2- Natural Ecomoringa shampoo 

3- Natural Ecomoringa soap

4- Natural Ecomoringa shower gel

5- Natural Ecomoringa hand gel

Get in touch with of the list of our selected Handcraft products below:

Our handcraft  are visual arts! The visual arts are out of recycling, wood, leather, fabric, batik, products, etc.